Some like it hot. Some not. (2021)

Historic depictions of wild herbs, which have served for decenies as medical plants, hover in front of a dynamic background. Organic farming (which provides the residues that produce the gas for this heat unit) benefits the life of these plants. Biodiversity and sustainable land use are forstered where pestizides, artificial fertilizers, genetically modified crop and industrially produced food are abandoned in favor of favorable conditions for wildlife.

The enlarged medicinal plants advocate a respectful and appreciative attitude toward our environment, which makes use of traditional knowledge about natural processes to meet contemporary challenges.
The dynamic form in the background stands for power and energy, i.e. the processes inside the thermal plant. It unites the floating plants to create a comprehensive composition.

Artwork commissioned by Naturstrom AG, Berlin.
Execution: Mai 2021


Exhibition views:
Müllerstraße, Berlin (D)


Print on adhesive foil


380 x 110 x H200cm


biogas-powered heat unit, Müllerstraße, Berlin (D)