Creative Thinking:
Strategies to Develop and Refine your Project Ideas:

“Thank you Gloria for the course, for breaking down the steps in such a clear way and for the many inspirations you have shared in each class. I’ve found the course incredibly useful.”
“A BIG compliment for Gloria’s course! The exercises can be used in so many different ways (and it’s also fun!!!). The course was a real, long-term enrichment for me!”


2020 – 2022 Node Center for Curatorial Studies (D)

2023 New York Foundation for the Arts (USA)


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academic teaching:

2014 Royal College of Music / London (UK)
Cooperation with the Royal British Society of Sculptors
2012 Transart Institute, NY / Berlin (D)
2005-2010 Technical University Braunschweig (D) Institute for architecture related art

artistic cooperation with schools

2019 IGS Hannover Langenhagen (D)
Cooperation with / invited by Kunstverein Langenhagen
2018 ESAT / Lycée Agricole Jacques Bujault, Melle (F)
Cooperation with the 8. Biennale internationale d’art contemporain de Melle
2006 Educational Center for the Arts – ECA, New Haven (USA)
Cooperation with ArtSpace, New Haven