Haltung(s)*echo (2019)

26 small and one large pair of eyes are opposing each other in the classroom.

The art-in-context project is a new exhibition series at the high-school Langenhagen (Germany) initiated by Kunstverein Langenhagen. During three months pupils and teachers lived and worked with my installation, that evolves around the gaze – i.e. curiosity, classification, self-awareness, discipline and control.

(Installation views 1, 2, 4: Photo André Germar, Photo 3: Gloria Zein)


KVL Kunst in der Klasse


Bulletin Nr. 1 / Kunstverein Langenhagen
Texts: Noor Mertens
and a conversation between Gloria Zein and Roberto Nigro, Prof. for philosophy at Leuphana-University Lüneburg (D):
“Reflections on art in a fragmented society of control”


unglazed ceramic




Kunstverein Langenhagen / IGS Langenhagen, Germany (2019)